Jul 3, 2010

Getting my work face on..

Time to get in the shower at 8pm and put on that happy waitress face. The hardest part is getting there. Once I punch in I am fine and in my mode. Hopefully 6am will roll around quick. I did get off for July 4th. Most people shall be cooking out and spending time with their families. Not too many are going to be eating grand slams. My neighbors have been having a damn ball with the fireworks. To the point of annoying the shit out of me. I like to sleep with my window open. Every ten minutes last night it sounded like people were getting shot. I didn't know whether to get on the floor under the bed or look out the window. My one neighbor actually "guffaws" when he laughs. He also says "Hot Damn" every time one of those noisy things goes boom. I almost thought I was back in Georgia. The people were more civil there though, and they shot real guns just because. I have much more respect for the southern man than I do my ding dong neighbor yelling fucking "Hot Damn".. I happen to know that he is a closet racist. I have decided that tomorrow I shall blast some annoying rap and hip hop out of my window. I might, God forbid, invite some friends over who aren't, gulp, white. Hot Damn!!!!!! Have a great holiday.....


Sarcastic Bastard said...

I hate rednecks with fireworks. Jesus. I'd blast the rap, too. I love Kanye West.


Kathy M. said...

The fireworks can get to be a bit unnerving. They used to reduce our dog to a quivering mess.

We spent a very quiet fourth, far from the festivities.

Lori said...

SB- I like Kanye too...A redneck with a firework just reminds me of a smalll child with a mullet. Scary....xxoo


Glad you had a nice fourth. I like to see the pretty lights but after the second BOOM, I am done. We need to get your doggie ear plugs.