Apr 24, 2012

Pinebush New York

Just arrived home early last evening from Pinebush, New York.  I attended my friend's grandson's wedding.  I also met his daughter, one of three, and her family. They were delightful. I was a tad nervous meeting everyone, but his daughter is awesome and a fabulous hostess.  I was made to feel welcome from the start and than I relaxed.  The town is known for its UFO sightings.  We went to a local diner for breakfast called the Cup and Saucer. (Meaning flying saucer).  The owner sat down with us and explained the history of the town.  Next week is the UFO convention.  Should be great for local business.

It rained (downpoured) on the way to the church.  Than we were off to the local event spot for the reception.  I won the centerpiece on the table..Yay me!  I am not a big wedding person, but I came to support my friend.  I watched Joe cry as his daughter danced with his grandson, the bridegroom. His grandson is 19, as is the bride.  This was the first time I have ever seen Joe cry.  When I watched his daughter dance with her son, I almost cried. I imagined dancing with Jesse at his wedding. I guarantee his shirt will be soaked. 

Joe brought up some legal paperwork for his daughter to sign.  Living will and such.  I have a feeling he is getting his affairs in order. He is 74.  Since losing his job about a year ago and getting no positive feedback on his daily job searching; this was the first time I have seen him truly relaxed and happy. Genuinely at peace.  He thanked me for coming and I looked at him and told him, "No, thank you for bringing me".  I felt quite honored that he wanted me to meet his family. 

I try to imagine what it must be like to have been born in 1937 and be living in 2012.  He has buried everyone he has loved, except his children.  He is truly alone, except for when he comes to visit with me. I am his sounding board and best friend.  Strange combination we are.  This man has been there for me through all the horrid times since my husband died.  I am blessed to have someone this special in my life. I believe I also help him in many ways.  He confided in me that he would have been dead by now if it wasn't for me.  So I feel that in helping another human being find joy and peace it has also helped me heal.

If you are bored next weekend and looking for ET, head to Pinebush, New York...Peace!


Anonymous said...

My Mom has had many mutual relationships like this..just being together, helping each other, companionship, someone to talk to. It's a basic human need. Who wants to be alone (all the time). I think loneliness is a much bigger problem when we get older. Your understanding together sounds wonderful...

my husband is a UFO fanatic. He believes that stuff...HA!

bugerlugs63 said...

That's strange ... I thought about you and Joe today.
I had a msg on FB from my Sister in Aus saying that she's losing touch with her friends as they're all drinkers and she's trying to change her life.
She said she was thinking about finding an older friend, 70 ish.
I told her about you and Joe and how much you mean to each other.
I'm glad you had such a good time and are there for each other.

the walking man said...

Welcome back!

I'll skip the UFO convention...I already see enough out of this world events to pacify my desire.

Good for you in knowing that you are as important to another as they are to you. Some folks never realize that it is only through community that we survive as long as we do.

Lori said...

Lou- Sometimes in life when you have screwed over so many friends and family it feels good to finally give back to another human being. He told me that I am the only one he has to pick up the phone and call, and even if I don't feel like it, I answer. I hope someone answers the phone for me when I am in my 70's.

Bugerlug63- I think when you are trying to stop drinking/drugs etc., making new friends is SO important. I miss my dad terribly and it's important for me to have a friend who is not part of my other world. Tell your sister that the person doesn't have to be 70, but sometimes an older man, due to maturity is better company and great to talk to. xoxo

WM-I am sure you can look out your window and see strange life forms daily. Community and the lack of it is what is destroying our neighborhoods. I'll start ranting if I go on about that this will be a novel. At least Joe knows that someone will call him daily and make sure that he is ok. Maybe that is why he is so vital. Giving to others comes back tenfold. xoxp