May 2, 2012

Do Da Da Da

Who got the hooch, baby?  Yup, that's what I'm listening to this morning.  I have to share...I got a rockin' ego boost last night.  A young, (young) attractive guy comes on our porch and is trying to get us to sign up for an alternative energy source.  No money, just a sign up.  Very good salesperson.  He is from Jersey. So we all exchanged information.  Tina and I told him we would think about it and call him tomorrow (today).  I'm laying in bed and I get a text message; from the "energy guy".  He texts me and says "Do you have my number? I was just making sure"  I said yes.  He than says, "By the way, you have really pretty eyes." I didn't quite know how to take this so I just typed back "Aw that's so sweet to say".  THAN, he ask me, "Are you single"..Whoaaaa....I am now flattered but taken quite aback. I said yes, but how old are you.  He says, chuckle old enough to know better.  Turns out he is 24.  I told him that he is two years older than my younger son.  He tells me I will get past that.  Really now? This guy is very confident and assured and impressive, but he is 24!!!!  I actually had a thought, nah, yeah..and than decided to take it as a complement and let him know it was ok, but I can't date someone who is 24, plus he is my neighbor.  I told him how good-looking he is and that he can have any girl he wants.  Told him I was going to bed.  He says good-night hun...I said goodnite Mr. Jersey.  I pictured Kenny (my late hubby) laughing as he used to call me Mrs. Robinson when I worked at Denny's.  All the young boys would come hang out in my station.

At 45 I look at the beautiful young women of today.  The girl across the street is 12, but has the mannerisms of about 17 and the speech, everything.  Not in a trashy way at all. I feel sorry for the young men of today.  They better check ID. So, yes, it did really make me feel good.  I can't lie. (Only when I have to).  When I thought about it I could almost visualize a nice soft porn movie.  Young man knocks on older woman's door and gets invited in and the clothes fly and well, we have all seen that movie.  That's where my mind was last night.  (I will do the walk of shame, but you can't see it)

Sigh...I'm getting older.  99% of the time I'm fine with it.  Every once in awhile I will see a carload of 20 somethings and get slightly wistful.  Wistful for the the innocence, the carefree feeling that anything is possible in this world because I am invincible.  That is what I miss.  Lately the carefree feeling is coming back, because through time I have learned that anything IS possible. Through maturity I realized that I am not invincible.  Today I am in a good place.  Wishing the same for everyone else.  Peace!


icyHighs said...

I actually worked door to door, (selling YES electricity! T'was the topic of my very first post: ) for a summer in London during uni so I particularly loved this story!

Enjoy the attention, do whatever you need to, but if this guy's anything like my mates and I used to be, he's only looking to have a bit of fun (not that there's anything wrong with that!), so don't get too close till you know him a little better ok? You go girl!

Lou said...

24--yummmy! I hear you about thinking about it...whoops, I mean just for a MINUTE.

But I agree with icyHigh's comment. He sounds like a player, that guy;)

Lori said...

Lou- I have never really been a younger guy type of female. Maybe it is because I am the mother of two sons in their 20's. I was told by my new neighbor that older woman are called "cougars", lol. A cougar I am not. xoxo

IcyHighs- I bet you sold alot of electricity, lol. Sometimes flirtation is all in good fun. It's ironic but this boy still texts and leaves messages. What's a girl to do, lol? Behave yourself...:)

andym00 said...

To be honest, you can't blame him.. After you, you do look rather cool from the pictures of you here ;)

Lori said...

andymOO- I like your name..thanks for stopping by. Thanks for the complement. Ironically my son told me that I was the "coolest mom" inside of my Mother's Day card. I shall have to check out your blog!

Lori said...

andymOO- I clicked on your username and found your blogger profile but no link to your blog. Do you write? Ironically we follow some of the same blogs.

andym00 said...

I don't have one anymore, used to, but it was all rather geek related and various projects I had on the go, and never had the time to keep it up to date, no matter how much I promised myself :)
Such is life eh ? ;)