May 2, 2012

Horrible tipper leaves horrible note for server

Horrible tipper leaves horrible note for server


the walking man said...

I have a beard and glasses and never would think to leave a note...but then I usually don't have a pen with me wife is the arbiter of all tips and when I leave an amount she does not agree with, trust me she bumps it up from my wallet. Normal tippage from us is usually around 25%, mostly because the wait staff has to put up with me not I them.

Whomever left that note is an asshole and a dickhead too.

Lori said...

WM- You? Difficult to wait on, imagine that, lol..25% will leave any server pleased and happy to see you again. I think that person who left the note must be quite a miserable human being.

goatman said...

The Canadian cents are interesting.
Puts a shadow upon a whole country-- doing that.