Jun 25, 2012

Are you ready?

I watched a great movie last night called The Adjustment Bureau on HBO.  Matt Damon and Emily Blount are the main characters.  It was wonderful. The main questions is that if your fate is predeterminded and God gives you free will, how does that really work.  I shed tears at the end of this one. I am a sissy-la-la at a good movie.  Must carry tissues. 

Free will.  I am finally discovering how powerful it is.  I have had it for my entire existence but am finally beginning to understand it.  We simple human beings make the choices that will shape our future. Sadly we make many life-changing decisions when we are not mature enough to understand the full brunt of the consequences.

I think the key word in "Free Will" is Free.  My heart is starting to not to be tight when I wake up in the morning and the impending doom feeling is replaced with interest and excitement for the new day. I have actually cut my medication cocktail in half.  I feel ok. I want to be bright-eyed and bushy tailed, not slow and slurring. I have been taking some decent vitamins and supplements.  I like the B-12.  If all goes well tomorrow when I take my driver's test my next goal is to go back to work.  I do not really want to waitress anymore.  I have business certificates and data entry certificates. What the hell?  Why not apply for a different line of work?  We all have fears of change.  Many of us would love to change jobs but are so comfortable where we currently are that we just stay. It all comes down to one thing I have discerned in my pondering.  Are you ready?  I decided.  I AM READY. Peace!


goatman said...

That is the spirit . . . plod on, greet the day (hell, make the day); and always be ready for a surprise.

"I'm not OK, you're not OK, and that's OK" Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

luluberoo said...

Why not, indeed?? Go for it, grrl.

(Imagine your dad taking all this in. I know he is smiling)

the walking man said...

All human destiny is to eventually find their way to being one in being, person and spirit. Unless we choose to be otherwise.

The way i see it work is work and if you can make the transition from being on your feet all shift to a sit down job I say the right choice is sit down.

Never stand when you can lean.
Never Lean when you can sit.
Never sit when you can take a nap.

That is TWM work wisdom.