Jul 11, 2012

Alright with me!

Today "Alright with me" is my motto.  Do you know how tickled I am to have my son living right down the street, 3 minutes away?  I have seen him more in the last month than I have in the previous year.  I am in love, head over heels.  I confess.  The man he is turning into, his personal convictions that he stands by...I have tears in my eyes as I am typing this.  He has a great work ethic.  Baggy Pants no more.  He has to wear fitted uniforms for his job, lol.  He is my personal mechanic.  He mighgt not be The President, but he has an ok job at Heritage Honda, and that's alright with me. We talked for awhile last night and I only cried a little bit.  It was an adult conversation and it went from childhood memories to today.  Somehow through my fucked-upness I raised a decent human being that wants to do more than just take space up on this planet.  They might cut the umbilical cord at the hospital, but there is another cord that can never be cut, and any mother knows what I am talking about.

Savor the moments while you can.  Let your palate taste every flavor possible. Inhale the sweetness of the nectar.  Don't just wake up, wake the fuck up and LIVE! A new day is dawning for all of us with each sunrise. Emrace the sunshine and, to quote a friend of mine....Just Be! Peace!


the walking man said...

Congratulations Kiddo. Ask him how much he can get me an IAC motor for '94 civic ha ha haha

luluberoo said...

Renewed relationships--a huge benefit of recovery. I'm so glad to hear of the forgiveness and healing in your family!

Lori said...

WM- Actually he got all the parts for my car. If you really need something message me on fb..You are known forever to Jay as the man who named him Baggy Pants...xoxo PS.. He got a white Honda Civic. He calls it The Ghost aka Casper. We are a weird family.

luluberoo- It feels SO wonderful. There really aren't words Lou...xoxoxo