Jul 13, 2012


Guess who can now legally drive? Yup, moi.  I have had a suspended license since *blush* 1994.  I just never bothered to pay the fines for all these years.  After four trips to DMV I brought every paper known to man and bam, walked out with my permit.  The law in most states is if you haven't driven in 6 months or more you have to start from scratch. So I have a temporary permit and than Wednesday I get my "official" license.  I have been applying for a few jobs now that I know I am not so limited in where I can work.  This was probably the best high I've had in 20 years.  I originally got my license when I was 18 and than lost it at around 26 or so.  Since I have left Baltimore nothing but good things, for the most part, have been happening.  I am taking that as a sign that I made the right choice. 

Now my next goal is to get gainful employment that makes me happy.  I know, a tall order in today's economy.  Thank goodness that I am an eternal optimist.  I want to wake up and be eager to go to work.  When you do what you love for a living it really isn't work.  A girl can still dream.  I keep thinking that if I were to publish a book what would it be about?  I keep thinking that I want to write a "story of my life" type book, but there are so many recovery novels out there and what would set mine apart?  The script usually follows a typical pattern that so many of us have read before.  How do you make "your" story be unique?  One of my all time fave novels is The Catcher In The Rye.  There has never been one like it since. I just bought it at the local bookstore for my budding library. I read it when I was 13.

We all share our stories here, intimate details of our lives.  No guise or phoniness.  We just share a window into our lives.  The windows have different curtains, but loving people sit behind the windows and pound it out on their keyboards.  l feel so special to be part of this community.  I know I would be worried if one of you suddenly disappeared.   Thanks so much for sharing the journey.  Peace!


Mrs Melissa Baker said...

That last paragraph is oh so true! It's never been put that way to me before!! Congrats on your license.. Now you can put your life in cruise control ;) Blessings Lori xx

Annette said...

I LOVE this post. It is filled with new life! I am so happy for you about your license. That is huge. And the possibilities it opens up for you must be so exciting.
As to the job...I think anything we do can become meaningful to us if we open ourselves up to it. You can make a difference while serving coffee just by your smile and your friendliness. I am going to start praying that the right job opens up for you. And that last paragraph! YES!

bugerlugs63 said...

So happy for you Lori . . . all good things are happening for you. You have worked hard to make this happen and I'm sure you'll find the right job too.
Me too I feel so blessed to be part of this bloggery world . . . I don't know what I would do without it. I worry about losing other bloggers. I'm not ashamed to say that I have no friends in real life (having changed my habits) . . . You are my friends here on my laptop. My son thinks it's sad, I think it's wonderful! x x x

Tonya Marie said...

Hi! Congrats! I haven't had my license since Sept.2009. Mainly because of fines as well. I am so ready to get it back, but so nervous about the tests and not knowing what exactly to do. I have have one of those interlock devices. Not looking forward to that. But I'm ready.
Having a job you love is great.I like my job, but the pay sucks. I'd rather work somewhere I don't dread going than to make the big bucks. Although it would be lovely if I could have both.

luluberoo said...

Lori, big smile for this post!! You gave me an important reminder--it's never too late.

and, another reminder-when you stay sober, everything else falls into place.

Just what I needed to read today. Love your sweet self so much.