Jul 8, 2012

Sweaty Sunday

Just got back from walking the dog. It's "our" exercise plan.  I can already feel the heat and humidity starting.  I try to get out in the early magic hours of the dawn and when the sun sets to do my walking.  Yesterday the heat index was 106. My air conditioner is now my bff.  Who knew?

I know the walk in the am. has alot to do with how the rest of my day will go. I listen to the play list on my phone and just take everything in.  The sights, sounds and smells.  They are very different in Red Lion, PA vs Baltimore, Md.  I used to awake anxious and stressed in Bmore.  So many people, so many triggers and all the bullshit that goes with it. The early morning walk started with my late husband and I have continued on with it.  Those walks probably saved our marriage.  The two of us, coffee mugs and our dog.  That is when we communicated our best.  Now I use the time to communicate with my inner self.  Sometimes I will sit in the porch swing out back and put Harley on the tether and just rock in the comfort of my swing.  I can literally feel peace come in and anxiety go out.  I have a prescription for anxiety, but lately I haven't felt the need or the urge to take the meds.  I do stick with the Paxil, but I have been pushing all the other meds to the wayside.  Pure clarity is the best.  One of the neatest things I noticed was when I was about 27. I had quit doing heroin and was starting over, again.  I realized that my food tasted better.  Have you ever heard the term "dope-fiend sweet?" I truly believe that the narcotics dull your taste buds, hence the need for excessive use of sugar.  Just my opinion. 

Waiting for my friend to awaken and than we shall go to our fav breakfast spot. I think our shared Sunday breakfast is the best part of our weekends.  Here is to breaking bread with your loved one's. Stay cool and screw sweaty, I'm a lady, I perspire. (Not) Peace!


Whitemist said...

oh, yea! Finding that quiet spot for your soul is so necissary!
Glad you have it.

bugerlugs63 said...

Absolutely with you on the sweet thing . . . I used to wake up having eaten whole bars of chocolate in the night or Magnum ice-creams(with no memory other than the litter). Everything tastes more now. Taste must be another of the many senses that heroin dulls and numbs.
Sounds like you're having a good weekend Lori, you so deserve it x

the walking man said...

It should break for you today. If you call mid 80's a break.

luluberoo said...

Hmmm..when the cokes and candy bars started disappearing around our house, I knew it was a bad sign.

You on the other hand, sound wonderful!

Lori said...

Whitemist- I hope you have it as well my friend!

Bugerlugs63- I used to call the eat-walking,lol..seriously..Food and everything in general is better girl!

WM- I'll take mid 80's right now gladly.

luluberoo- See, you have an awareness that most parents simply don't. I am sure it is knowledge you wish you never had to learn. I am doing great right now and hope you are as well! Kisses!