Dec 26, 2008

4am blues

Alas, the holiday is over and I am wide awake at 4am on cup of java numero uno. I haven't decided if my blues are just the wistfulness of another year of that good old American holiday cheer. I remain in limbo. The multi colored dollar store lights are still blinking on and off. I now reside in God's country, the bible belt. We have been embraced by the neighbors. We did get called a Yankee twice so far, but it was all in good fun. This chick can take a joke. Yes, people still refer to northerners as Yankees. The most amazing thing to me is this little town is still somewhat segregated. In order to see people with brown, yellow or black skin, you must go into town. I sense there are unspoken lines here. That will take some getting used to. I personally don't care if another human is magenta. I never have seen color. I see the color of your soul. Anyhoo, another holiday has come and gone. We are still here and well. So are you. I need more coffee.


the walking man said...

Tell the Southerns that Maryland was only reluctantly a part of the north and those of Baltimore would have gladly, if it were not for federal troops stationed there joined the south in rebellion over states rights..ha ha ha ha, You got to love the south.

Lori said...

I think I do Mark, truly.