Dec 21, 2008

So quaint and lovely

My husband went into town yesterday to go get his medicine's filled at the local pharmacy. He was delighted. Remember the old mom and pop pharmacies? They are still thriving in our small American towns. Kenny walked in and asked a gentleman if he was the pharmacist. The man said "How are ya'll today, I am Max the owner, it is me and my wife today". He proceeded to go over Kenny's med regimen and than gave him all this welcoming stuff to our new town, including a fruit cake for Christmas, not just A Fruitcake, but "the best darn fruitcake in GA". They still use the old time credit card machines where you have to slide the metal doohickey across the card. Mr. Max also sent Kenny home with an Almanac. This is an American owned and operated business. It is doing well. He was not lying about the fruitcake. Happy Sunday!


the walking man said...

Lori...the pharmacy gave Ken a fruit cake knowing that twenty years from now it will still be around to remind you where you got it. Talk about advertising which endures.

Seriously though, the attitude among them of the south in accepting strangers is one of the reasons I always liked that part of the nation.

Lori said...

Simply put, I am enjoying Southern hospitality immensely.