Dec 21, 2008

Chicago-CS&N..does anyone remember Bobby Seale?

Crosby Still and Nash were probably in my top ten favorite groups as a rather young gal. I always thought they were on point politically and aware of the bullshit that came forth from the government. Even back then people's basic rights were being violated. I am pretty sure this song was written in regard to Bobby Seale being bound and gagged, and the ensuing protest. (This concert takes place many years later,this was just the best clip I could find) Do people protest these days? This is a very self oriented generation. I wonder if our laziness as an American population is a small part of what we are now emeshed in overseas, and at home financially. There is also the reality of self preservation. People are scared to get involved. Frightened of rocking the boat. Losing what little bit they have in their lives. Yes, I do have quite a bit of free time on my hands these days, two posts in one hour. LOL..I just know in my heart there is a sense of outrage and a feeling of powerlessness occuring in our country these days. Per my previous post, it is now the little things that are restoring my faith in humanity. The gift of a fruitcake from a stranger. The neighbor that helped me when my dog broke the water pipe and I had a geyser in my front yard. Those are the things that keep me sane and re-affirm that there is still goodness in our nation. The days of protesting are behind us. I don't think the energy is there. We are a blue-ray, bluetooth nation. Not enough minutes in the day to take care of your own. Remember when you have a windfall of good fortune in your life, take a look at those who are in the spiral of despair. Lend a hand.


the walking man said...

I do believe that the generation of protest has turned its back on that form of expression. We have either taken to the realm of profit and middle class life or trying to hang on to an ideal that was never real in the first place.

I remember Bobby Seale and the Chicago Seven trial and the hate and fear the WWII generation felt at that time. As you can see the only thing that changed after 1968 was it drove the sides to retrench and fight all the more for power.

Spot on comment Lori.

Lori said...

My form of protest is learning to make my dollars stretch as far as possible and to try to deal with as many American owned and operated businesses as possible. Example, my friend purchased her husband, a WW2 vet a pair of tennis shoes. They hurt his feet. Her husband took off the shoes and found out they were manufactured in some Asian country. He threw them away. Protest comes in all forms my dear friend.