Dec 25, 2008

Happy Holidays!

I hope that wherever you are spending this day that it is filled with joy and happiness. Last night was absolutely the most beautiful Xmas Eve that I can remember in eons. This move down south was our present. I took my shower, put on my nightgown and we went outside to sit on our porch and watch the dog play. My neighbor strolls over with a bottle of HOMEMADE wine and a doobie. She had her new male companion with her. Sparks up a doobie and hands us the bottle of wine and said, " Here ya'll, welcome to Georgia". It has been quite awhile since I have smoked, but I am nothing but receptive to hospitality. Plus, I have been offered many worse things in life that I no longer accept. We all sat on the porch, told some stories and some jokes and than said good night. The wine was in an Arbor Mist bottle. I drank about 5 sips and weeee..It wasn't like any blush I had ever drank. Oh yeah, they told us to get our butts over to DMV and get rid of them there Yankee tags. That is a quote btw. They said the police are like the Dukes of Hazzard and they are inquisitive about people buzzing about town with Yankee tags. DMV is on the list. Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you are celebrating this winter season. Blessings abound, truly they do.

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