Feb 19, 2009

After the rain

Have been wide awake since about 3am. Brutal rain storm. It's actually beautiful to watch the storm as the wind blows and the water hits the lake. My satellite dish went out for a few, that wasn't so beautiful. So today is my big day off. I planted some flowers out front yesterday, and now I don't have to worry about watering them for a few. Going to be a dometicated day. There is a sense of pride after the laundry is done and all the dusting and cleaning is done. I stand back and look at my home-making handiwork and am pleased. I do have a candle fetish. My home has some fragrance at all times from a gingerbread tealight to an angelfoodcake candle. Depends on the mood. I thank God that my pleasures in life are fairly unexpensive. I watched Baggy Pants take out the fishing rod yesterday and sit at the pier. That was a moment. He did have to have his MP3 player with him, but otherwise looked rather Norman Rockwellish, except for those huge shorts of his. I am learning to concede on the small things and save my strength for more important issues. So many book written about rearing your children and in my opinon, they amount to a pile of shite. I am not impressed with the Dr.Phil's of the world. They don't live in my home. Well to all, a great and blessed day. Must get started on my handi-work.


the walking man said...

Georgia needs the rain, personally I hope that Southern CA all the way to FL have a very wet spring.

At least Baggy Pants is slowing and settling in eh?

Lori said...

a little at a time