Feb 18, 2009

Stimulating thoughts and what not

Stimulus plans, housing help, it makes me think about my father. My dad was a frugile man. Had the mentality of "Never borrow against the store". I remember being 11 years old and we owned a house. My mother (prior to their divorce) was so happy to be a homeowner. My father hated that house. He knew that he couldn't afford it. My dad worked 6 days a week. I rememember heated arguements between my two parents, he begging her to turn off the air conditioner, he told he to go to the mall and use their's as it was free. My dad believed in the power of cash. The older he got the more he kept and withheld from the bank. He liked knowing it was there. Tangible, in his pocket. We sold that house when I was 12 or so I think. We ate very cheaply that year and a half my dad owned the house. He payed his mortgage in a timely fashion, but when the plumbing went up, so did the for sale sign. He wouldn't borrow against the house that he could barely afford, to fix the plumbing. He said it made him uncomfortable to owe a bank that much money. My brother and I always made fun of him, called him cheap etc..jokes with love. My dad died, he donated his body to science. He didn't want his now wife to have to pay for a funeral. He ironically bought a second house later in life for his second wife. He hated that house too. When my father was alive he was generous to his family, denying us or others nothing. He died relatively broke. The bank took the house from his wife, her kids ran my dad's business into the ground within 6 months. My step-mother now lives in West Virginia with eldest daughter, who takes good care of her. My two step-sibilings are still pissing in the wind. Life has went on. I wonder what my dad would have thought about the economic times we are facing these days. A nation of payday loans that we can't pay back. His old oyster and beer spot a dope dealers corner now. I think he might be resting more peacefully than he would be living.


the walking man said...

Both of my parents did the same with their cadavers as your dad. Seems to me to be a fine thing.

This is where the "if" comes in Lori...If he had lived longer would his business have tanked or would his house have gone back to the bank?

"If" he were to see these days of "payday loans" (love that descriptive term) he probably would have thought us all a nation of suckers looking for the easiest way out.

Lori said...

I just wish I would have aquired some of his wisdome at a younger age. When we were young we thought his "life lectures" were tedious and boring. Ah, the stupidity of youth.