Feb 20, 2009

Pending visit from family member

It looks like I might be having a houseguest this afternoon. My brother in law had come down to visit, and when he saw how cheap the cost of living is down here, it sparked his interest. His wife is on SSI and he is collecting unemployment. They are running out of money where the currently live. So, according to him, he loaded his van late last night and his Georgia bound and should arrive around 11am this morning. He is a good guy, and an excellent mechanic. His game plan is to find a job, and a home and than send his wife down. I wish him luck on the job front. I am a waitress. No matter where we move, there will always be a job for me. Most of the men is this town are unemployed. In a small town, a local man will always get the job before a northerner in most cases. This is a town where when "Joe" applies for a job, he mentions his Uncle Bob who went to school with so and so.. Everyone knows everyone. There is a loyalty down here to hiring local. We are not unundated with forgeign store owners. You walk into most convience stores, they are all American owned and operated, as are their employees. In Baltimore most 7-11's and corner stores are owned by Koreans, Indians and others who have come here to make their better way. That doesn't fly down here. He has been reading the help wanted section online up north in the local paper here and has been making calls. I wish him well and hope it works for him. We just got very lucky as the housing was here before we were. My landlord lives in Baltimore and is my friend. That is what prompted us to take the chance in the first place. We knew that just on fixed income we could afford this house, no matter what. I do admire anyone willing to get on the road and take a chance nowadays to find a better way for their family. He and his wife are the one's who brought Baggy Pants to GA, when noone else could convince him this is where he needed to be. That meant so much to me. So we will do our best to help him get on his feet and find his little job and house so he and his wife can live out there next 20-30 years in some kind of comfort and not poverty. Clean sheets await.


the walking man said...

Hmmmm...clean sheets you say?

Lori said...

Come on down ya'll...sheets are washed in Tide I might add. I will downsize on certain things, but I have to wash my laundry in tide.