Mar 5, 2009


I have been up since midnight. Sleep is just evading me. I even took a Xanax and still can't sleep. It figures that I have to work early tomorrow. Thankfully it is a short 3 hour shift. There are periods I go through where my mind becomes so burdened with "stuff", that is actually makes my head throb. Have you ever felt like a sponge that absorbs everything? If I was just dealing with my own thoughts and problems that is one thing, but than when other people's junk starts to invade my mind, it simply is too much. I usually count backwards from 100 as a first measure. Next step is to meditate. Alas, I am at step three. Got out of the bed, brewed the coffee and am just going to start my day now. Does anyone out in cyberworld have any tips or stories of what you do on nights like these? Nights when you toss and turn and all the worries that lay upon your shoulders throughout the day, fill your mind at night. I prefer to sit here that watch mindless infomercials. I don't believe that I can make $9,000 a week selling real estate if I just spend $99 for some selling technique DVDS. I don't want to mail my gold jewelery in for cash. That seems to be the gist of late night/early morning tv. The people who allow those to be televised should suffer. Good night or Good morning!


the walking man said...

Morning Lori...Welcome to the early morning show. Some days there ain't nothing to do but make the coffee and go through the darkness knowing that you'll get a nap later on.

Lori said...

Exactly my plan!