Mar 4, 2009

The past does come back to pee on the present

My brother-in-law got his heart broke yesterday. I hooked him up with the manager of a local chain here, similar to 7-11's. They are called Flash Foods. He got called for the interview, got pumped up by the manager about the benefits, ready to set up his direct deposit, etc. Than he said, "Oh yeah, just sign this form".. The form was a criminal background check. Rick mentioned he had a few things from his past, and the whole interview changed. He said he would see what he could do, but this particular chain is corporate owned and operated and he told Rick they are very strict. Rick was no saint up until the last 4 years ago. Prison time etc. He came home so crestfallen and dis-heartened. He is getting ready to back to Baltimore probably Friday. He wants to work. It made me realize two things. 1- How lucky I am that someone took a chance on me. 2- What do convicted felons and others who have been in the "system" for something small do? Upon their release they have the best intentions, but most people get tired of doors getting slammed in their face. So I think I am starting to understand prison recidivism alot better. How many no's can one person take. I know, best intentions only get you so far. What about the man who has truly changed his ways. Now that we live in the era of computers, with one click they can find out your whole life story. People do get judged on their track record. Your criminal history, just on paper, shows your character. They don't know what was happening in your life at that time in your life when you made certain bad choices. Not making exscuses, but sometimes it is just one case of bad judgement. Technically, once you serve your time, you have paid your debt to society. Yes, there was a time when I was wacked out of my mind and actually got checked into a mental health facility. They gave me Lithium and a bunch of other pills that I no longer take, and deemed me much better. This was in '96. I was one of those lucky folks who had a breakdown. I made many bad choices during that time. It is now 2009 and I have changed tremendously. Some of us grow up later than others. We learn to get a grip on our demons. Rick is serious about working. He doesn't want to live on unemployment. He wants to work. No one will hire him. Most of his record consists of theft. Not good. Society seems to more forgiving for the Dui's and domestic violence charges. Not theft. So it seems he shall be packing up by the end of the week. I do want him to get his own place, but I know he and his wife can no longer afford where they currently reside. The rent is so cheap down here. I just saw his face yesterday when he came home from that interview. We really thought he had that job. Lesson- Your past does come back to haunt you.


the walking man said...

Not all felons get treated the up Kwame Kilpatrick, the son of a bitch had a job offer worth 300k upon his release.

I thought your BiL was a mechanic?

Lori said...

He is an ace mechanic actually. He went to get trained in Detroit before his troubles started. There is NO work in this little town. He was willing to settle for a convience store. But the postive. He found a house yesterday. 3 bedrooms, nice and "in town". $500 a month. His wife has an income of about $1700 from SSI and pension. It has a garage, and the house is also licensed for professional use. I told him he could open a little shop and try to set up shop on his own. He is the only person who has ever worked on any of my vehichles. Anyhoo.. He is paying the deposit on Friday. So he is going to try to make his way. I really just felt so bad for him, that a damn convience store won't hire him. Sorry for the novel reply. BTW, I am getting ready to google that info. Thanks for always lending an ear.

Lori said...

Sidenote-just read up on Kwame. Unfuckingbelievable! No wonder why your heart breaks for the city you love.

the walking man said...

Yeah ol' Kwame is just one on a long list of self centered ego maniacal fools that get themselves elected but have no intent towards citizenry. Chicago politics got nothing on us 'cept for theirs works better.

Sounds good the BiL is making a new start in a new place, you may see some big changes come to town if he's that good.