Sep 21, 2009

Dead Man Walking

Another sleepless night. Got the "official" letter from the VA. LIES. The whole thing. Kenny was a dead man walking in the halls of that hospital. I am so angry I can't sleep. Four neatly type written pages of lies. Oh and of course, condolences. My ass!!! The part that got me was how proud he was of his new pacemaker. He kept joking he had a million dollar heart. The fourth page of the letter states how he didn't want a new one after they removed the infected one. A bold faced lie. They were supposed to switch sides. I can't begin to explain how many contradictions there are as I will get physically ill. So because I am a tenacious bitch, I am now moving up the chain of command. Congress is next. The truth was all I wanted, with perhaps an apology. Since they lied and are playing nasty, I have nothing but time and lots of paper and pens. I have been trying to be positive and am starting to get excited about the move. Plus, I will be closer to DC. When people serve this country, it seems that once they are all used up and old, the hospital is like a glue factory for old horses. There are alot of wonderful programs the VA has. This particular time they failed. What is so hard about saying "We goofed"? I don't want your money. I want accountability. I have a flag and some ashes and great memories. Hoo Rah!!! A dear blogger friend had me prepped for the letter to be full of lies. Thanks for the warning. You were right.


the walking man said...

Stop! Wait do not send them anything for the now. Gather what records you have m write every memory you have down, collect and collate then go through every page line by line and make the connections in a chart.

Decide what it is you want as an end result and then go to a veterans organization like the VFW or VVAW and with all of your supporting documents in hand talk to the one of the leaders of the the post.

Do NOT think you can fight this on your own. The purpose is and rightfully so should be that the government failed a veteran who did not fail them when they called. Get some help with this or you will be simply be a nothing crying in the wind.

Lori said...

I got a lawyer. He had me do exactly what you wrote. Type everything from the beginning and highlight all the contradictions. You saw it coming. I need legal help with this. Got a pretty good team too.