Sep 22, 2009

Why is packing so 'effing hard?

This is making me crazy. What to keep, what to throw away, etc. I hate it. Thank God I am not a hoarder or I would really be in trouble. The one thing I can never part with are books or photos. They are my treasures. I love looking at the old black and white's. Seeing the faces that are now much older and have changed. The innocence of youth, before life erases it. My own personal vanity when I look at pictures of me in my early twenties and than gaze in the mirror now. Not bad, but not the same. My photo album means more to me than my jewelry box. Crazy huh? Saturday is approaching quickly and I am a procrastinator,so now I am running around like a crazed headless chicken. I only procrastinate when it involves doing things I hate.

Oh yes, I now have my own legal dream team. The war is now beginning. I am going to be a good soldier and fight til the end. Kenny's own private GP is testifying against the VA. I was pleasantly shocked. He said he has no problem with malpractice. He just doesn't like insane punitive damages. The VA was very rude to this doctor. So I guess he is going to be legally rude back. It made me feel better. Knowing that I am not crazy and that this is a worthy battle. So I am packing and being a paralegal. Quite busy. Now to just get the long drive north over with and get back to work, somewhere, anywhere. Glad I saved my winter coat, scarver and gloves. Peace!


Lou said...

I can't stand packing for a trip, little alone a move. I will wait till the last second before I can pack a suitcase. Weird, because I'm so organized with everything else.

Good news about the legal stuff! You're going about it the right way (I saw WM's comment). Just resolve that it will take a long time, you know the government.

Lori said...

Lou- Packing is up there with having an ingrown hair. Yes, I am ready to go to battle, with legal help and getting ready to fight the good fight. I usually am one of those people that just lets stuff go. Not this time. I do know the government, which is why I am not letting it go. Did you acquire a little Texas accent on your trip? LOL... Glad you got away.