Sep 19, 2009

Found my goodbye poem

As you all know I have been packing etc...well I found this poem in an envelope for me to be opened upon my late husband's death. If anyone can tell me who wrote this I would love to know. Here goes:

When I come to the end of my
Journey, and I travel my last
Weary mile; just forget that I
Ever frowned and remember
Only the smile.

Forget unkind words I have
Spoken; remember the good i
Have done. Forget that I ever had
Heartache, and remember I've had
Loads of fun.

forget the I have stumbled
And blundered and sometimes fell
By the way. Remember I have
Fought some hard battles and
Won, ere the close of the day.

Forget to grieve for my going. I
Would not have you sad for a day;
But in the summer, remember
How happy the times were
On the sands where we played.

And come in the evening when
The sun paints the sky in the
West; Stand for a moment to reflect,
And remember only my best.

I sat on the floor and read this and cried. It suited him. I don't know the author, but it is a clipping he kept for years and wanted me to have after he died. This little piece of faded paper brought me more comfort than you shall ever know.


Lou said...

It was written by Mrs. Lyman Hancock. I don't know her story, but you could google her name.

What a blessing to find the poem. A friend's sister died at 32 of melanoma. She had 3 young children. She wrote them all letters to be opened when they are 16. I can't even imagine how hard that must have been to write, or for them to read later. But I thought it was a wonderful idea.

Whitemist said...

Mrs.Lyman Hancock

The poem was familiar and very heart felt

the walking man said...

When I'm Gone
Mrs. Lyman Hancock

Although I could not find the circumstances of her writing it. This seems to be the proper attribution.

Lori said...

To all of you wonderful people-

Thank you. Finding this clipping made me feel so good. I just was so curious as to who wrote it. I think I shall start saving little tidbits for my sons. Maybe when my time comes I can pass along some comfort. I am an avid scrapbooker, and incredibly sentimental. I save cards etc. Those are the little things that give me incentive when I need it. Thank each and everyone of you for always being here when you are needed or simply wished for. I consider each and everyone of you blessings in my life.

Brother Frankie said...


Rachel said...

THis poem gave me chills. Sounds like you found it at a perfect time too. I am thrilled you found comfort.