Sep 17, 2009

My head feels like helium

It really does. I keep finding little treasures and trinkets. These items take me places far away and long ago. I feel like a balloon filled with helium traveling through time. Must go forward. My Baltimore GP has hooked me up with a psychologist to go talk to. Yup, not a script writer, just a regular old shrink who can listen and offer objective advice. OH Yes!!! The Senator of GA called me yesterday.. They completed Kenny's inquest. They mailed me the letter two days ago. He said before he will discuss it with me he wants me to read it first as he doesn't know exactly what my motives are. Are you kidding me? He died June 1 and they finally completed it. He said it is four pages long. I pray it comes in the mail today. I am so curious to see as to what the VA has to say for itself. Yes, I will burn their ass if so possible. I will fight this one out to the end. I wake up in the middle of the night with sweats seeing him gasping for air in our bed. So, still packing and now waiting for the LETTER. I am imagining there will be lots of blame shifting. I am now posted up at the mail box. I have waited for this piece of mail since he died. Time to continue the dreaded chore of packing. I shall share the info from "The Letter" as soon as I recieve it. The truck is rented for Sept. 26th. God let the date get here quick. Peace.


the walking man said...

Tread wisely when you go off to war. I unfortunately have an older brother who makes his living defending doctors who fuck up. Take a few days after getting the letter and do not respond from the gut but rather from the COLD fury.

It will be interesting to see how they shift the blame onto Kenny.

Lori said...


I am scared to read it. The Senator told me to read it slowly as they documented everything from day one. That is why it took so long. I just want answers. I have never even gotten an apology. The VA has begged me not to release my video footage from the hospital. I know my constitutional rights. My attorney said that the footage was a video diary, which it was,as he was supposed to live. We were supposed to be sitting here right about now laughing about how we pulled throught the crisis. Ironically one of Kenny's favorite actors was Patrick Swayze, he loved that damn movie RoadHouse. He should have some pretty decent company up there. I wonder if he has shared a cigar with Bernie Mac or cracked a joke with George Carlin yet? Awaiting the mail. I shall tread carefully. Thank you as always.