Oct 19, 2009

Getting humbled.

Theses are the days. The mornings when I tell myself I see a light at the end of the tunnel. First paycheck this week, and than more will follow. I got assistance. Baggy Pants is in school. We are making progress. Not quickly by any means, but there is hope. By God's grace I didn't do anything stupid and end it. I had a few rough weeks where I thought Why? Life is so damn hard. This is not my chosen profession, being a, ahem, retail clerk, but nowadays I have peace of mind knowing I have a job. I find out today if I got the second one two nights a week. The young man I work with is from Africa. He works 8 hours at 7-11, sleeps for 4 hours and than goes to work another 8 hours across the street at the pizza place. He is happy doing that. He sends money home to his mother in Africa. He doesn't complain. It makes me wonder, are we, Americans lazy? I see numerous foreign people here in my city, people who were born oceans away. They open stores and businesses. They work insane hours. They let their whole family live in one house, combine resources, work as a team. They are thriving and making it. What happened to us? Time to get my lazy bottom off to work.. Have a great day.


the walking man said...

I don't think it is yet time to call us lazy Lori...we all mostly have the will and desire and skill to work but we have been losing the jobs that we worked at, at the rate of 2+million a month.

It is not about having forty people living in a house eh? But this is a large land and we desire our space, it is what we inherited and what we know.

Lori said...

The problem is that forgeign labor is willing to work so much cheaper. I am so sad when I see what has happened to our country. Maybe if I lived in a house with 8 relatives I, too, would live the American dream. OH and worked for under the minimum wage.

Lou said...

There are many foreign people who work 2 eight hour jobs at a time. They are working fools, and at least 50% of that money goes back "home."
I respect them, and I think they bring something to the USA. Their children will be "Americans" in less than 20 years.

I don't begrudge anyone who leaves their homeland, and comes here to make a better life for themselves. I don't believe they are taking our jobs or looking for a free ride any more than many natural born Americans I know.

I wasn't born here, and I remember how some people treated me when I first went to school and could not speak any English. I guess I'm sensitive to this issue.

Lori said...

Lou- I see the boy at work and I really respect the fact that he works like a dog to send his money back home to provide for his mother. He is not a "self" oriented person. That is rare these dadys.