Oct 18, 2009

My Random Question

This is a lazy post as I have to go to work bright and early. If you are a lottery player, are you type one, you buy as many as possible the bigger the jackpot gets or type two, just one, because you figure one is all it takes. Just curious...We all have that dream of hearing the winning numbers being read off and jumping for joy when we realize we can call our boss and say "Sorry not coming back".....some of us anyway. Have a great day.


the walking man said...

3 at random times regardless of the amount being played for. 3 just seems like a good number to me.

Lou said...

The lottery IS just a fantasy. I am proud to say I have never bought a ticket, although my husband is a "one ticket" man. I prefer money in the bank;)

Have a great day at work!

Whitemist said...

Once I used a mathematical formula of statistics to give me number sets.
I was able to reduce it down to 40 sets. I did not have money and would choose 20.
I won some ($3, $50, $500), but never the whole thing. I stopped when once I had the 6 in the other 20 that I did not choose and realized the only way I was going to make money was by busting my rear end. Sigh!

Lori said...

WM- I like customers like you. Easy and simple.

Lou- I agree. I play the three digit once in awhile. Ken played. He was a dreamer and would spend about $30 a month on the lottery. I wait on people on food stamps who than come over to the lottery side and get $49 worth of numbers. I see people come in and get the scratch off fever. Gambling is like drugs or any other addiction. I watch it every day.

Whitemist- Busting the rear end is the American way. I used to have a landlord who would sit at the table with a deck of cards. He swore he had a formula for blackjack. He was fascinated with the dream of being able to win endlessly at blackjack. He was 68 and this was in 2001. I don't think his big dream was realized. Numbers are the basis of everything on this planet. They don't lie.