Dec 6, 2009

First snow, my brother etc...

My brother is homeless. He is 31. He has worked at Bank of America for 10 years and now works at a clothing store 6 nights a week after the bank. He doesn't do drugs, has no problems except a crazy upbringing, and some bad roommate choices. We talked last night. He has to work the next 9 days with no days or time off, all 14 hour shifts. He is sleeping on my couch. To me he is still my little brother. I couldn't turn him away. Yes, I am soft. He didn't deserve this. He is not overly ambitious, but he is kind and not mean spirited in the least. He simply is in debt from poor money management and being overly generous when he couldn't afford it. We talked last night when I came home from work. He realized he had no "true" friend when he asked everyone of them if he could stay with them for about a month to get back on is feet. They all said no. He said maybe it was fortuitous that I came back from Ga, or he would be on the street. There is no mercy in this city for a nice guy. Lots of vultures and predatory type people. On a positive note, they stopped the foreclosure on my mom's house, that we all moved out of because we could't afford it. I have power of attorney. I filled out the paper work for Obama's keep homeowner's in their home plan and hopefully they will give a more affordable mortgage. Yes, my mom signed the loan papers and got the ARM loan, but she is not that knowledgable and when you are broke and someone is dangling 12,000 in front of you, most people don't read the fine print. My late husband begged her not to sign that loan. He knew it was a bad one. She went for the $12,000. So the mortgage went up from $700 to $1,091. My fingers are crossed that the paperwork goes through. If so I will take my son, brother and I, move out of this overpriced basement apt and live in our old nice house in the suburbs. Fingers are crossed. Time to get ready for work. Than I have two days off of relief. We got our first snow yesterday, not good for my business, but I take the good with the bad. For any of you with small children, Denny's has kids eat free nights three nights a week. Sat, Sun, and Tuesday. 4-m- 10pm. The families start piling in at 4 with all their kids in tow. I don't mind, except some children are rather messy. It enables certain families to go out to eat and afford it. Have a great weekend. Time to put on my waitress face and spirit. Maybe the tip God shine today. Be blessed...


Lou said...

That is wonderful news about the are just the people who this program is supposed to help.

Both fingers crossed for you!

the walking man said...

The troubles and needs are piling and piling on. I wonder what the idiots who caused all of this through duplicity and deception for their immediate profit are going to do when the top of the mountain blows off?

I wonder if they really think their money will shield them from the karmic fate.

Have a nice day Mr. Goldman, enjoy it while you can Mr. Sachs.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

Sorry about your brother's bad fortune. You are a good sister. I would take my brother in, too.

Hope you get the house back. I'll keep a good thought for you.

Much love,