Dec 8, 2009

My pajama day!

That's right, today is my last day off. I am not getting dressed. I am not leaving my house. I am eating like a pig, junk food, etc. I am loving it. I am also home alone. Considering I am now sharing my house with my brother and son, privacy is precious. I am also going to dye my hair, give myself a pedicure and whatever the hell else I want to do. I live for days like this. Mind you, this is a tiny basement apt. I value solitude and peace. I make my living looking attracive and being nice and overly kind. I am not on the clock. So the real me is now allowed out. Damn it feels wonderful. I think we should all have a day like this. Mind, body and soul. I am replenishing myself for the work week ahead. On a positive note, my landlord figured out that sex will never be part of the equation. Thank god! He asked me, "Don't you miss having sex, don't you care"....I said, "Actually I still am grieving and if and when I do meet someone they will be special and I will know it"...He got a rather puzzled look on his face and just walked away. So knocked another ass pain out. The shower is calling me, my hair follicles need some touching I am out of here..alone time is the best time, so I am going to enjoy it. Have a great day everyone.


Lou said...

I love pajama days, especially in the winter. I take one or two a month.

Lori said...

Lou- I thought it was just me. They should make it a mandatory type thing for everyone's mental health.

Sarcastic Bastard said...

I love alone time too. I get cranky if I don't get it.