Dec 10, 2009

What do you really want from Santa?

I just went through my wish list and had a nice epiphany. All the things on my wish list do not come from a store or a mall. I want to see my son graduate this year. I want my mom to get her shit together. I am making a teeny donation to the food bank. I can't afford more than $10, but my late husband donated every year and I want to keep that tradition in the family. I am praying that the approval goes through for the house for a lower mortgage. These are the things that I want for Christmas. I now can heave a sigh of relief as I do not have to shop for any of the wants.. Baggy Pants wants $$$. No surprise there. He wants more computer parts. I will be with my brother and son for the holiday. I will be working on Xmas. I think my major purchase will be a new tether and collar for my dog. I don't feel any pressure for once concerning the holidays and that alone is the best gift. We did not draw names at work as we all agreed that would place too much pressure on everyone. So no obligations socially at work. I am rather pleased this year. HO HO HO...


Sarcastic Bastard said...

Good for you, Lori! Sounds great to me. I have very few obligations myself this year, being almost divorced.

Love you.


Ricardo said...

I have been trying to give a little bit this season but things are tight. I hope for the karma effect where eventually the good will comes back to me in some way.

Lou said...

I absolutely think that EVERY contribution, no matter how small, makes a difference in someone's life. That is the spirit of the season. Your Christmas sounds perfect!

the walking man said...

What do you really want from Santa?

Nothing. My desires are beyond his ability to deliver so i absolve him of any and all obligation to come to my house.

Lori said...

SB- I was reading that you were having a faily civilized divorce. That alone is a gift. Plus you are right, it does cut down on your obligations.

Ricardo- Things are very tight here. We didn't do any name drawing at work as noone could afford it. I, too, believe in Karma.

Lou- I wish I had more. Kenny always gave to the fire dept. and the food bank. He was diligent about that. Also, the VA. I am pretty happy overall with my feelings about the holidays.

WM- I totally understand your feelings. The biggest desires don't come wrapped in fancy paper of a gift bag.