Aug 17, 2012

Bed pleasures

Last night you were snoring a steady rhythm. I didn't mind. I love feeling your breath on my neck. We went to sleep laughing last night, which makes me forgive you for hogging the covers. (You do that quite a bit dear) I woke this morning with your tongue lightly licking my neck. Wish I could have lingered, but I had to pee so bad. Broke the mood. I crept down the steps to make the morning pot of coffee. I turned the corner and there you were in the dark your breathing heavy and excited. I know what that means. So I grabbed the leash and off we went for our morning walk! Peace!


luluberoo said...



Annette said...

So cute! All dog owners will love this!

the walking man said... me I do NOT enjoy a wet nose in my eye! It is a truly rude awakening.

Syd said...

Neat--dogs are the best critters!