Oct 5, 2009


Well, goal number one knocked out. I start at 7-11 Wednesday. I used to work there for a year and I dug it. I like being the smiling face scanning your coffee. Have another interview for a waitress job two nights a week for extra money. The good thing about 7-11 is it is exactly 6 minutes from my house on foot. No carbon imprint there from me. It's ironic, two months ago I had a couple thousand in the bank, now I am broke from the move and starting all over again. I am counting my blessings that I wasn't reduced to going to welfare. I have always worked. I am glad that I didn't burn bridges in life, even during my addiction, and am able to have references. I guess I am not ready to be some big hotshot CEO, but ah fuck it, who wants to be corrupt anyway. Humility is my strong suit.


the walking man said...

Cool...Hope you get the day shift.

Lori said...

You know me by now, of course I did. 8am. tomorrow morning. I now have a sense of purpose again. To not be any more poor than I already am, lol.